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Agnihotra is a Yagnya to be performed throughout your life, everyday regularly at sunrise and sunset. All other Yagnyas are time bound and are performed for achieving a certain purpose.  Not so with Agnihotra which is to be performed every morning and evening without a break all through your life. It becomes part of your life or rather life  becomes purposeful and meaningful because of it.


Pollution and Agnihotra

Agnihotra is a very simple and easy method to conquer the evils of pollution. Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere. The purification of the atmosphere purifies the Prana, the life energy, and thus Prana purifies the mind. For a happy living, purified mind is a necessity. Anybody who has the will and desire to lead life successfully and in a disciplined way, can adopt this practice of Agnihotra immediately.



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