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This is the place from where had started this Era’s first Agnihotra in the world. According to Indian almanac it was ‘Mahashivratri’ day and the date was 22nd February, 1963. On this day, in the evening, under the guidance and direction of Shri Madhavji Potdar Saheb the Agnihotra that was started by the resident of Bairagarh Kalan village Shri Hiralalji Sharma with the utterance of the mantra ‘Agnaye Swaha’, has today spread globally. It has spread everywhere to such a large extent that irrespective of any consideration of nationality, caste, creed, religion, colour, age or sex it has become a part of the life of the people of almost all nations throughout the world. With its beneficial results their lives have become happy, healthy and contented.

Mahanubhav Shri Madhavji Potdar Saheb apparently came to reside in his place of work ‘Madhavashram’, Bairagarh (Bhopal) in the year 1973. However, his work had already started in Bairagarh ten years ago. After getting started the first Agnihotra ‘Shrisaheb’ began its propagation work in 1968 from Ujjain. On reaching the figure of first 100 practitioners of Agnihotra he named his unregistered institution as ‘Satya Dharma Prachar Prasar’ and the sentence proclaiming its objective was ‘to be spread in each and every house and preached to every householder’. Amongst these first 100 Agnihotris the practitioners were mainly from the four states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. In one year’s time this figure reached to 1000 and by 1973 it had crossed the figure of 4000. Thus, giving it a solid base and shape ‘Saheb’ said adieu to this world on 9th June, 1974.


Agnidham’ situated in Madhavashram is ‘Saheb’s’ Samadhi memorial. Here Agnihotra is performed everyday in the morning and evening. The name ‘Agnidham’ to the samadhi of Agnihotra’s promoter and preceptor is given by his Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj Shree himself. Also the vessel containing the mortal remains of ‘Saheb’ was placed in the Samadhi vault by Paramsadguru Shreeji with his own hands on 24th May, 1976.  Anyone visiting this place can feel the continuous flow of subtle energy from here at all times. This sacred place vibrating with potent vital energy has become like a piligrimage spot for all Agnihotris of the world who visit to get inspiration, guidance and vigour from here.

Near Shree Saheb’s Samadhi place is situated Jaganmata – Holy Mother Smt. Sumati Potdar’s memorial. ‘Saheb’s’ virtuous wife Sumatiji discarded her body on 23rd December, 2000. At this very place her body was consigned to flames. In her life this Holy  Mother had faced innumerable hardships during the ongoing work of rejuvenation of Satya Dharma. When the work started in 1968 Mother personally undertook at home the responsibility of preparing with her own hands cow’s pure ghee needed for distribution amongst the Agnihotris whose number was growing with each passing day.



Not only this, she enthusiastically worked for introducing regular practice of Agnihotra amongst the very poor, downtrodden and helpless people neglected by the society and thus set an ideal for others to follow while doing propagation work. Also, it was part of Mother’s daily routine to take care of the need of the food and other things of the people coming to meet ‘Saheb’. One who herself lived a very simple life. This compassionate Mother offably performed the role of a true parent while looking after everybody coming inc ontact during the propagation movement and thus she became everyone’s Mother-Jaganmata in the truest sense.

Closeby is a small place of Lord Parshuram. In this great activity of propagation of Satya Dharma the blessings and force which was behind it was  that of the vital power of Lord Parshuram who is Shreeji’s Sadguru.

In 1985 a Mahasomayaga was performed in Madhavashram and now, on the exact spot of its main altar, is built Ashram’s Yagnyashala. Every month on no-moon and full-moon day 24 hours Mahamrityunjay yagnya is performed here.  This yagnya was actually started in 1980 and till the coming up of the present yagnyashala it used to be performed at a convenient place in the Ashram. Agnihotris from Bhopal and surrounding areas participate in the performance of this yagnya in batches. Every year from 1st October to 11th October round the clock Mahamrityunjaya yagnya is performed here as 1st October is Saheb’s birthday and 11th October is the day he took the supreme vow.

In 1971, at this very place Shri Saheb had established a Cow-pen – ‘Panchratna Goshala’. There are about 14-15 cows of very good breed in this Goshala. From their milk Ashram gets its requirement of Cow’s pure ghee and the dung provides dry cow-dung Cakes.

Yagnya Shala

Sharanagati’ and ‘Sankalp’ are the dormitories with a few rooms where arrangements are available for the stay of visitors. To cater to their needs of food etc. ‘Annapoorna’ – the mess was established in 2001.

In the building named ‘Sangharam’ is run a high school named Shri Vidya Niketan. This was started in 2002. Boys and girls from nearby rural areas receive school education here. Educational development of the children of this school is of very good standard. Alongwith providing good education stress is also given on their all round development through various useful activities.


In the small but beautiful structure ‘Sannidhya’ is the office of Ashram’s periodical ‘Dharmasoorya’ magazine. Alongside this structure is shortly going to come-up the office of ‘Mahanubhav Shri Madhavji Sansthan (Trust)’, a stall for making available Satya Dharma publications and all Agnihotra ingredients, a permanent exhibition of Agnihotra and concerned propagation activities for the inquisitive visitors alongwith arrangement for an audio-video exhibition and a fully equipped library.

There exists pleasing lush greenery in the precincts of Madhavashram with hundreds of various trees and a well - maintained beautiful garden which instantly soothes the mind of the visitors. There are variety of flower and fruit plants and some agriculture too is done here. No chemical fertilizers and pestisides have ever been used here right since 1974. The farming practices that are carried out here are certainly unique because everything is sown and grown in the pure atmosphere of Agnihotra, Cow-dung is used as manure and Agnihotra ash acts as both fertilizer and pesticide. Expenditure zero. Yet the quality and quantity, the yield of the crops during the last 35 years has always been the best. Madhavashram’s total area is about 8 acres. The atmosphere of the Ashram is very pleasant, wholesome and bestower of comfort at all times. Madhavashram is open for all who desire to know the path to true happiness. Its each and every practicle of dust vibrates with Saheb’s message.


Saheb’s message - “If a man really wants and he does desire peace and happiness, he has to surrender to the Vedas and accept their ordered religion. There is no other way out. Whereas on all other subjects, the Vedas impart knowledge, on the subject of religion, they give orders, which in other words, are Almighty’s orders. Obedience to these orders is the humblest service of the Almighty and the remuneration is peace, happiness and bliss.”

“Thus the importance of Vedas is to be known. The religion specified by them is to be practised. This religion is to be spread to each house or preached to every householder. Vedas have to be once again reoriented and brought to be made known to man. He has to be clearly made to understand that the only remedy for his betterment, lies in practising this religion. Then alone he can win over all his worldly difficulties. This very life of his will be free from obstacles and instead full of peace and pleasure. He must renew his relations with the Vedas, as before. This will automatically make him directly connected with the Almighty. Then alone he shall achieve victory over the illusion, he suffers from. Vedas will give him satisfaction about both worldly and unworldly matters. That is why he should keep aloof from so-called religious people who are only hypocrites and selfish. He should refrain from all the current religious practices and conventions. None of these are now needed after establishing relation with Vedas.”

“In this way, the real and true picture of Vedas is to be made available to the public. In other words, Vedas have to re-live. Public has to be asked to follow Vedic religion. This has to be explained,  insisted upon and actually got practised. This will be the work for Vedas re-living again. This work is to be done with full faith and devotion. Then alone people can experience all the greatness and magnanimity of the Vedas. Then alone this human religion will automatically spread among humans. Vedas once again will rule over man and the result will be the spread of Happiness, the most cherished ambition of human life.”

So, You see ‘Saheb’ shows the path to true happiness.

In the centre of Madhavashram is a small but elegant cottage ‘Sudarshan’ where the present Chief of the Ashram, Smt. Nalini Madhavji meets all the visitors everyday.

Shree Says –


“Here only those will come whose
welfare  is going to become a reality.”



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