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The vibration of this Vedic incantation is deeply related to the time of sunrise and sunset. Just as the effects of the Ragas and Raginis in Indian classical music are obtained only when they are sung at prescribed time, similarly the full effects of Agnihotra chants materialise only at sunrise and sunset. The chants also bear deep relation to the mysterious power of pyramid form as well as fire energy. It may be noted that the Agnihotra mantras as given in Vedic texts are not pre-fixed with “Om” therefore, never pre-fix the mantras with “Om”. Also never change the order of mantras, and chant them only in the prescribed manner. The mantras, which are not pre-fixed with OM, are called “Saumya” (soft, gentle) mantras. These mantras are a scientific combination of sound vibration, and therefore it is essential that only the original mantras are chanted while offering oblations to the fire, and no attempt should be made to change accent, pronunciation or the order of words. Chanting the mantra’s translation is similarly undesirable and would not lead to results.

But what is the import of these incantations? They are an offering made by Agnihotra performer to the Supreme Being. They invoke God and say ‘O’ GOD! Whatever I have, really belongs to you, and I offer it all to you.”



Chant at Sunrise :-


“Surya Swaha”

“Surya Idam Na Mama”

“Prajapataye Swaha”

“Prajapataye Idam Na Mama”


This completes the Sunrise Agnihotra.

Chant at Sunset :-


“Agnaya Swaha”

“Agnaya Idam Na Mama”

“Prajapataye Swaha”

“Prajapataye Idam Na Mama”


This completes the Sunset Agnihotra.


Apparently the mantras invoke Agni and Surya. But Agnihotra is not the worship of Agni or Surya. The invocation is essentially of the God Almighty and Agni and Surya in the two Mantras are only synonyms of God.

Compliance of these regulations justifies the adoption of right method for performing daily Agnihotra. Once you start this practice you will notice that nothing is impossible or difficult in doing so and it is much easier than can be imagined.


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